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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist alex dean broneske/Blitze Cortez Squall/ Hummel Abrams Nasorn/Dr.Schadenfreud//johnny raul strato26/Male/United States Group :iconpoke-ghosts-haunt: Poke-Ghosts-haunt
the pokemon haunt for ghosts
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Feyrun Topiary
feyrun topiary
Amawnita: mouthed bipedal mushroom (earth)
assassin vine: carnivorous plant that pulls passerbys in its bell flower(earth)
araumycos: a large colonized fungus that grows underground it attracts
slimes and is resistant to magic (earth)
basidirond: a 4 legged mushroom with spore exploading fruits on its body(earth)
barrelstalk: a mushroom thats edible when young and has a barrel like shell
but is poisonous when mature (earth)
bite flower: flower with tentacle like roots, movable stem and teeth(earth)
black mold: a scuttling mold creature with a poison mold covering(earth)
blackwood: a black wooded tree that grows around but not in tainted land (earth)
blatterplant: floating gass filled blatter like plant (water)
bloodpurge: an herb used in poison antidotes (earth)
blood root: a red plant with iron smelling roots it attracts vampires (earth)
blood sipper: a budded stalk with blood drinking tentacles in its buds(earth)
bloodstaunch: an herb used to make health potions(earth)
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Feyrun Bestiary
feyrun bestiary
Aboleth: magic casting water serpent with tentacles (water)
Aboleth servant: undead servant of an aboleth with magic casting(water)
abysmal maw:a large mouth with huge tentacles...the rest of its body is hidden
deep in hell (dark)
abysmal ravager: a small three armed split mouthed bodied creature produced by
abysmal maws (dark)
abysmal skulker: a thin tentacled bipedal creature produced by abysmal maw(dark)
achaierai: fourlegged giant flightless bird (earth)
ankheg: giant centipede like creature poisonous(earth)
alkilith: a purple hard skined creature with poisonous green blood (dark)
apega of nabis: a spiked arm trap golem (earth)
apsara: antlion like pixie(fire)
aranea: giant spider with female upper body(earth)
arrow demon: a four armed demon that shoots arrows out of two bows (dark/wind)
arrowhawk:large bird that nose dives enemies (wind)
astral stalker: disapearing humanoid assassin (dark)
aspidochelone: large turtles the size of sand bars(water)
athach: ogre with
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Fuyu-tsuki Bestiary
[fuyu-tsuki bestiary]
slimes: slime monster one eyed (water)
abura akago:  fire imp:(fire)
abura shumashi: large headed fire creature(fire)
akaname: a creature that lives in bathrooms(water)
akashita: cloud creature with electric attacks(plant)
akateko: hand ghost(metal)
akkorokamui: giant squid(water)
akurojin-no-hi: poisonous ghost flame(fire)
amabie: hairy beaked mercreature (water)
amanojaku: japanese wind imp(plant)
amanozako: imp queen(metal)
amazake-baba: poison miasma hag (fire)
amefurikozo: water imp (water)
ameonna: rain making female wind spirit(plant)
amekiri: clawed wind creature (plant)
aoandon: blue female demon summoned through horror stories(metal)
aobozu: evil spirit monk (metal)
aonyobo: spirit that haunts abandoned palaces(metal)
ashinagatenaga: long armed and long legged midget pairs(earth)
azukiarai: cowardly green dwarf (earth)
bake-kujiar: floating whale skeleton (water)
bakeneko: wild cat girl/boy (earth)
baku: benevolent creature who eats dreams(metal)
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fuyu-tsuki:asian fantasy stuck
troll :normal humans:
nezumi :rat people:
yosei :asian fey:
oni :demon race ranges from bulky and ugly to skinny and attractive:
kitsune: fox people:
koropokkuru: gnome like race
plant: governs over plants and wind an everchanging element with control of storms
water: a powerful yet life giving element with control over seas
metal: a sturdy dark element with control over health and metal
earth: a sturdy strong element with  control of stones and gravity
fire: a changing and powerful element with control over fire and poisons
fengsu feng: bards and alchemists water and plant element
bi-tora: samurai and monks: fire and earth
kinsokugumo: ninja and majin: metal fuma kotaro
qi: magic power asian term for mana
(theif) ninja> shinobi> shihanbai                   >>> oniwabanshu
(knight) ronin> bushi> samurai              
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incubus blitze by zekeybomb incubus blitze :iconzekeybomb:zekeybomb 2 0 august squall by zekeybomb august squall :iconzekeybomb:zekeybomb 1 3 Kasper Lee Squall by zekeybomb Kasper Lee Squall :iconzekeybomb:zekeybomb 1 2 iluzio levlyz by zekeybomb iluzio levlyz :iconzekeybomb:zekeybomb 0 0
fantasystuck races!
trolls: the main race they are average bodied and have many kinds of looks and blood colors they also are one of the most versatile of the races with there abilities to follow any class
soul-jar: a golem with the soul of an intelligent race they come in many shapes sizes and materials to suit there class
FEY: there are tons of fey but they have four categories.they are mischevious at best and and homocidal at worst
light-fey(elves): they are generally thinner and more petite bodied with the best racial abilities as mages, druids, hunters, thieves and bards
unseelie(drow(dark creepers)(dark stalkers): they are thin but more tall and have a strong bond with giant spiders and may possibly have spider ancestors they are commonly necromancers, thieves, hunters and knights they also have dark grey skin
dusk-fey(pixies)(red cap)(fomorians): wild fey that are generally small and considered monsters they live in various locations all in nature
hearth-fey(bogart): they are like there wild
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fantasy stuck marina by zekeybomb fantasy stuck marina :iconzekeybomb:zekeybomb 1 0 fantasy stuck nichole (taylove14) by zekeybomb fantasy stuck nichole (taylove14) :iconzekeybomb:zekeybomb 2 3 fantasy!stuck ME by zekeybomb fantasy!stuck ME :iconzekeybomb:zekeybomb 1 1
cultures and religions are basically set for two class types at a time and each are under different guilds:
Hand Of Glory: Theives and Necromancers
Crux Deus: Paladins and Clerics
Muses Harp: Mages and Bards
Odins Spear: Knights and Alchemists
Bleddywths Wing: Hunters and Druids
each guild has certain gods and cultures based on real life cultures loosly
hand of glory:
it has victorian styled towns with magitech and overcast cities ... they are frequently loaded with crime and tyranny the towns are very capitalistic with the rich upper class necromancers owning companies and making there workers work until there dust and lower class theives who rob and mug in order to make ends meet both classes believe in demon gods
Mammon: demon lord of greed and theives
Lilith: demon queen of lust and succubi/incubi
Astaroth: demon lord of gluttony and feasts
Asmodeus: demon lord of wrath, the undead and necromancers
Belphagor: demon lord of sloth, magic and technology
Gressil: demon lord of
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magic user guide
elements much like in any other rpg setting in any other media is pretty much the same here
with each element governing over a certain source of nature and being able to strengthen, weaken and directly damaging enemies but each element has some secondary characteristics that will be explained here
this element governs over strength and raw destruction it can burn through multiple enemies and makes for powerful spells and is great for beginner mages. its secondary element is metal which is powerful but alot slower and has more skill like spells then damaging  ones
this element governs over speed and has spells that damage or stun multiple enemies its secondary type is electric which is fast and powerful but only target one to a few enemies although it does look pretty flashy
this element governs over wisdom creating spells that use little amounts of mana to cast but are generally pretty useful and does decent damage its secondary type is ice which i
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fantasy stuck prestige
$$All About Prestige Classes$$
prestige classes are a final class for characters who mastered two branches of a similar class such as the knight/mage knight lines so on so forth. the prestige class has all the strengths of both branches and sometimes less of the weaknesses of either there are about 10 prestige classes they also generally can use magiguns and hand gonnes
(knight) dragoon
(theif) swashbuckler
(mage) warlock
(hunter) gunslinger
(necromancer) archlich
(paladin) archangel
(cleric) saint
(druid) oracle
(bard) loreweaver
(alchemist) philosopher
dragoons are a class that uses magic, strength and defense to destroy enemies. there names come from the fact they usually have mounts. also similarly they commonly hunt dragons and have dragon themed armor and dragonne swords they are still quite slow but they make up for it in raw power and as one of three classes able to ride a mount and fight
swashbucklers are a dangerous class that are fast, powerf
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here we go time to learn about pesky stats!
strength:(aka attack)
this gauges physical damage as well as weapon and armor weight higher strength means heavier weapons and armor
agility:(aka speed)
this determines speed, sneakiness, and dodging the higher this is the more annoying your char can be to hit
defense:(aka endurance)
determines hp amount and damage resistance a high defense means a great meatsheild
affects magic resistance and mp amount a high wisdom = greater spell casting amount
affects magics damage and speed of casting a high int means lots of devastation
this affects the ability to hit enemies with ranged attacks as well as ranged attack defense a high accuracy means one hell of a sniper
hopefully this explains alot!
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::BlueOni::Puff:: by BoundPrincess
Mature content
::BlueOni::Puff:: :iconboundprincess:BoundPrincess 97 33
.:Pastel.Puff:. by BoundPrincess
Mature content
.:Pastel.Puff:. :iconboundprincess:BoundPrincess 93 13
Red Oni Blue Oni by SpinelRed Red Oni Blue Oni :iconspinelred:SpinelRed 44 6 Lucene x Seki Dakimakura by AnimeFlux Lucene x Seki Dakimakura :iconanimeflux:AnimeFlux 542 21 Colossal Kaiju Combat - Shadow of Red by KaijuSamurai Colossal Kaiju Combat - Shadow of Red :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 796 291 Sketch Dump 1 by taylove14 Sketch Dump 1 :icontaylove14:taylove14 4 24 a perfectly justifia8le killin by MeltdownProject a perfectly justifia8le killin :iconmeltdownproject:MeltdownProject 601 15 DAT ZOMBIE by FlavorlessMuffin DAT ZOMBIE :iconflavorlessmuffin:FlavorlessMuffin 144 36 Ninja Kitten by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Ninja Kitten :iconhaters-gonna-hate-me:Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me 14,759 1,333 Sakiko Deadly Kunoichi by jesonite Sakiko Deadly Kunoichi :iconjesonite:jesonite 2,983 111 Journey To The West by Gashi-gashi Journey To The West :icongashi-gashi:Gashi-gashi 2,011 121 Mama Kanaya by Do-It-Emily Mama Kanaya :icondo-it-emily:Do-It-Emily 36 3 Lineless Vriska by BunnysPwnYou Lineless Vriska :iconbunnyspwnyou:BunnysPwnYou 28 0 Vriska by PandaleonSaa Vriska :iconpandaleonsaa:PandaleonSaa 541 8 Vris by raspbearyart Vris :iconraspbearyart:raspbearyart 365 17



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tentacleArmada pester meeeee i need a new rp grooooup

my evil colleague: :iconkalmasis:
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my rules for fan pics of my chars is just credit me you dont need to link me if you dont want but it would be apprieciated but other wise draw away you dont have to ask!

my pesterchum is tentacleArmada

Ich wusste stets, was ich will - doch das wollen viele
Trotzdem setzte ich mich zwischen alle Stühle
Und machte es mir bequem - bis hierhin kein Problem

Ich strengte mich an - gehörte doch nie zu denen
Und schwelgte doch nur in unerreichbaren Plänen
Und am Ende war der Lohn Frustration

Ich dachte, ich könnte es erzwingen
Der Selbstbetrug tat mir nichts bringen, denn ...

Du bist immer dann am besten, wenns dir eigentlich egal ist
Du bist immer dann am besten, wenn du einfach ganz normal bist
Du bist immer dann am besten - du musst das nicht mehr testen jedes Mal
Dein Spiegelbild ist anderen egal

you are a proficient PIRATE who has plundered lots of BOOTY both SEXUALLY and NOT
you are a SCENE kid with bangs over your EYEPATCHED missing eye. you have SEADWELLER fetish and your quite the SADO-MASOCHIST preferring to be the BOTTOM
your quite the UKE no matter what gender your dating.

as for your PIRACY career you are well known on the SEAS but otherwise not very infamous. people generally tend to like you since your pretty HONEST and not afraid to speak your mind. granted that spawns some haters but hey, any good troll has an ENTOURAGE of both HATERS and FANS. you have a decent set of morals although on some issues there quite QUESTIONABLE. you love your moiralle in a way humans would call a BROTHERHOOD and its an unbreakable bond.

you are a great BOXER knowing a few boxing styles like your lusus's invented EIGHT ARM BOXING, DRUNKEN FIST and KICKBOXING. you love ALCHOHOL particularly RUM and partying .... deep down your a depressed little shit but you hide it pretty well.
you talk with ? replacing T's cause they resemble a PIRATES HOOK and your symbol is a SKULL. also your a TEAL blood and QUITE HANDSOME


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